KLICK: Palais Palffy Direktor Erich Peisch und die Künstlerin Natalia Koreshkova

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Ausstellung METAVISIONS von der Künstlerin Natalia Koreshkova im Palais Palffy Wien

Artworks by Natalia Koreshkova. Ausstellungseröffnung am Dienstag, den 3. Jänner 2017 um 19.00 Uhr. Finissage am Freitag, den 13. Jänner 2017 um 19.00 Uhr. Ausstellung bis Sonntag, den 15. Jänner 2017. Im Palais Palffy, Josefsplatz 6, A-1010 Wien.

Natalia Koreshkova is a renowned artist known for powerful surrealistic and abstract interpretations of human and animal fantasy creatures. From a very young age, Natalia has lived with an infinite yearning to breathe life into the fantasy worlds inside her head, and today she feels extremely blessed by the opportunity to live out her passion every day alongside fellow artists and art lovers who share her interests. Natalia is educated in classical art studies and has a professional background in fashion design. As a woman with hands that never rest, Natalia is always looking forward to completing her next piece and share it with the world. Over the course of her artistic journey, Natalia has woven countless inventive, cultural and collaborative inspirations together to create her own visions and images which are highly praised for extraordinary levels of deep, dimensional textures and colors. Lately she has also crafted a series of breathtaking hand painted lamps. No matter the project, medium, or expression, Natalia’s passion and focus for every piece has led to a reputation as an avid builder of fantasy worlds adored by fans and art enthusiasts. After several years of featuring her work in galleries across Europe and private collections around the globe, Natalia greatly enjoys working on commissioned pieces. Her artworks have been among others an important and recognizable part of Olympic Casinos beautiful interiors since 2006. Recently, she created a series of abstract flowers for the Hilton Hotel in Tallinn/Estonia.


03-01-17 16:42
Joe Leitner

Super Künstlerin. Super Kunstwerke. Super Galerie im Palais Palffy. Gruß, JoeL